Things You Should Never Buy Used

Whenever you try to save some money, you need to have the right approach. Buying used items might help you in saving money, but only if this stuff cannot cause any harm to you or your family. While buying secondhand, you need to know a few things beforehand. Here are some items that you need to avoid.

Don’t Buy These Items Used:


Never buy some used mattress. The mattress can gather some things like mites or allergens from the previous owners and can retain the sleeping position from before. Since the last owners have different sleeping positions, the mattress might not be comfortable for you. You’ll be looking for an instant cash advance to pay for a chiropractor.


Buying underwear or bathing suits secondhand is also not recommended. You shouldn’t wear someone’s underwear. Besides, there might be still some traces of bacteria or other microorganisms on it. Also, used underwear won’t last as long as a new pair.

Cosmetic Products

It’s not recommended to apply products on your face if you don’t know who used them before. The products can be contaminated with some bacteria, and you might end up having some skin disorders. Buying new is always the better option.


Used hats are never a good choice for buying secondhand. The hat might look like it is impossible to wash or even has never been washed. It may contain the dead skin, the hair or the sweat of the previous owner. It might even include head lice. So, while you think you should buy this or not ask yourself whether the thing you buy can be sanitized, washed or if it is safe.

Car Tires

Safety is the main issue here. You are putting yourself in danger if you buy used tires. Used tires are put on cars regularly which is concerning. The problem here is that you won’t know how long the tires were used so there might be some internal damage that cannot be seen from outside. When they prematurely go flat you might need to get instant loans with no credit check to replace the tires. It’s safety first, so don’t buy used tires.

Computer Software

Most computer software comes with an installation code so it cannot be installed on more computers. So if you notice that the software for sale has some code on it then do not buy it, because you will be buying a paperweight.


An already used laptop is not an item you should purchase to save money. The release of the new models and the growth of technology will make your laptop like an old machine that is not useful at all. The new models have more memory, better displays, and better processors. With the new laptop, you will have a warranty from the manufacturer that if something happens to your laptop, you can change it at no cost or repair it without paying anything. Old laptops might have you spending more on repairs than the new laptop is worth.


If you decide to buy already used shoes, keep in mind that you can injure your feet, knees or even your back if you run in them. The cushioning already has some indentation from the previous owner and is hard to re-mold again. Don’t buy worn shoes.

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