The Pros and Cons of Importing Cars

There is a huge amount of cars available to the buyers in the domestic market, but despite that, a lot of them prefer their next vehicle purchase via import. Reasons for buying via import are endless like buying performance cars, which are not available in the local market or cheaper cars having similar specifications.

If you are one of those who are going to import soon, having knowledge of the pros and cons of importing cars is always beneficial.

Pros of Importing Cars

Here’s how you can benefit from car imports.

Great Value for Money: Car manufacturers generally sell vehicles in different markets in different currencies, but the same level of price. Due to this, users are sometimes benefitted from buying one car from a different country at a cheap price.

Less Rusty If Cars Are from Hot Countries: A concern that many individuals share is whether the bodywork of the car would contain a lot of corrosion or it would be brand new. There is a huge expense to repair all the corroded panels of the body. This might just negate the savings that were made in the import of the car from the other country. However, if importing from countries like Australia, you might have this problem reduced.

Cons of Importing Cars

Stay aware of these downsides as well.

Steering Wheel on the Wrong Side of the Car: Cars are not generally same all over the world. In some parts of the world, left hand drive cars prevail and in some parts right hand drive is followed. Statistically speaking, there are more cars that have left hand drive configuration as compared to the right hand drive ones. So, in case you end up importing from France or United States to Canada, you’ll be fine.

History of Service Might Not Be Available: High performance cars are generally brought from Japan and shipped over to the respective countries. As there are straightforward laws of people using older vehicles in Japan, for people to buy new cars is cheaper than keeping their old ones. However, if you buy a car from a non-English speaking country, it is perfectly possible that there might be no service history available.

Even after being aware of all the pros and cons of importing cars, it is possible that due to some missing paper or failure to comply with standards, your car doesn’t get imported. Therefore, it is advised to consult a customs broker to get your car imported with ease. Clearit customs brokerage could be hired to import cars to Canada with a cost efficient plan that works with the user and keeps track of all required documents.

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