The Different Neighbourhood Types You Need to Know About


If you’re looking for a property to purchase, you should be aware of the different kinds of neighbourhoods that exist so that you’ll know which area you would most likely want to be a part of in the city.

Here are the five foremost neighbourhoods you should be aware of to make the right decision: 


A slum is a densely populated area in an urban city that is made up of residential properties. What characterises slums the most is their tightly packed housing units that are made out of clapboards and poor-quality construction materials. It makes the area look dilapidated and decrepit. The inhabitants are primarily from Class D and Class E. They are the most impoverished people in the whole society.

Another central feature is that they lack sanitation services. They also don’t have access to other essential services such as electricity and clean water supply. This area also has no strong security because most law enforcement agencies stay away from this part of the city.

Commercial districts

A commercial district is the busiest part of the city. There’s a lot of heavy foot traffic in this area because this is where all business activities are being held. All the shops, offices, restaurants, theatres, malls are operating almost 24/7 to provide urbanites essential services.

Planned community

A planned community is a type of community that is meticulously organised and mapped out from the very start. Most people like planned communities because they are built on undeveloped land. It means that they are the first ones to lay down roots in those areas which are a source of pride for many. Because of the purposive design of the whole area, there are less land use conflicts in this area than other parts of the city.

The places around the UK with the term ‘new town’ in their names are all planned communities. Pocket neighbourhoods are also examples of planned communities.  This residential zone is composed of numerous groupings of small family households. A courtyard or a common garden (i.e., a green space) is the typical centrepiece in this area to promote the sense of a tight and close-knit community. Neighbours are always in contact with one another because of the shared communal space which encourages social activities and events to take place.

Retirement community

A retirement community is designed for older adults. This type of neighbourhood is made up of a residential housing complex catered to the partially or fully retired adults. Although they are still able to take care of themselves, there are many home care agencies near this area ready to assist at any time. Similar to pocket neighbourhoods, there are various opportunities for neighbours to do social activities. The community also has exclusive access to shared services and amenities.

These are the different types of neighbourhood you should know about for you to pick the best location to live in the city. You should consider your lifestyle choice and your financial capabilities when you make your final decision. If you need more info about these areas, you can check out Gerald Eve’s property sectors.


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