Risks Covered by Oriental Health Insurance

Uncertainties of the present times and high rates of medical inflation rates necessitate having adequate health insurance coverage. However, buying Health Insurance requires deep understanding of the insurance market as there are a number of questions and doubts in the minds of people such as the best type of health insurance, aspects of coverage in the health insurance policy etc.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable service provider for health insurance policy in India, look no further than Oriental Health Insurance. With a rich experience of many years in the industry and as a leading insurance company, Oriental Health Insurance offers you the most comprehensive solutions in the health insurance segment.

Salient features of Oriental Health Insurance Plans

  1. Availability of various plans based on several needs to choose from.
  2. Expertise in understanding the specific needs of the customers and providing accurate solutions with optimal coverage and cost in health insurance policy.
  3. Offer transparent solutions to the customers with detailed information about the premiums, coverage, benefits, tax saving options, and also the review of various health insurance plans.

Among the various risks covered by Oriental Health Insurance Plans, these are a few more-

  1. a) Covers all or some of your bills depending on the plan or the coverage you choose. Furthermore, the Oriental health insurance plans also give you the freedom to choose from the list of hospitals from an agreed list of network hospitals provided to make the process of treatment extremely convenient and hassle-free.
  2. b) Oriental Health Insurance allows you the benefit to get diagnosed and treated quickly as per your convenience as well as offers a prompt referral to a specialist or consultant..
  3. c) Health Insurance plans from Oriental cover an array of benefits for the policyholder such as medical bills for exclusive drugs, scans and surgical procedures, hospital stays.

How does Buying Insurance Make Your Life Easier?

Buying Oriental Health Insurance certainly makes one’s life easier by offering several benefits. At, you can access a range of different plans from Oriental with the below advantages-

a) Core hospital Oriental health insurance plans

The benefits include-

-The top level of hospital cover in the event of an accident

-Cover for some of the more common hospital procedures

b) Standard Oriental health insurance plans

The benefits include-

-The plan provides a range of hospital services including the heart-related admissions shoulder & knee reconstructions among others

-Generally provides the unlimited emergency ambulance services

-Provide the benefits of best hospital cover in the event of an accident

c) Top hospital essentials Oriental health insurance plans

The benefits include-

-The benefit of the higher level of hospital cover without Obstetrics and IVF services

-Cover some of the more costly medical procedures such as cataract surgery

d) Complete hospital oriental health insurance plans

The benefits include-

-The plan provides the benefit of complete coverage for all in-hospital procedures including hip & knee replacements, eye surgeries, etc.

-An excellent plan that provides the complete value for families with no hospital excess for kids on a family membership

Things That a Health Insurance Does Not Cover

Although the Oriental Health Insurance comes with various features and offers the benefit of comprehensive coverage, there are certain things that aren’t covered in it. Few of these are discussed below-

a) Any kind of pre-existing conditions

In general, the health insurance plans including Oriental’s does not cover any kind of pre-existing conditions before the plan comes into effect till the completion of waiting period.

b) Alternative therapies

Health Insurance Plans in most cases do not provide coverage for alternative therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, yoga etc. The primary reason behind this is the fact that determining the coverage amount for such alternate therapies is difficult due to their unregulated nature.

c) Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments done to enhance the physical appearance are not covered in Oriental Health Insurance Plans. Additional dental treatments are also excluded from the health plan coverage of many service providers.

  1. d) Maternity

Oriental health insurance plans do not offer maternity related coverage for childbirth and pregnancy, infertility treatment, etc.

It is always advisable to read the policy document thoroughly so as to completely understand both the inclusions and exclusions that help in making an informed decision.


To choose from a number of options available for health insurance plans isn’t an easy task. It is essential to be sure that the selection is done after a thorough comparison between the most suitable ones. is an excellent Health Insurance Marketplace for accessing the best Oriental health insurance plans to fulfil all your health coverage needs.