Reasons Why Payday Loans are a Better Option than Traditional Loans

Everyone at least once in their lifetime might have faced a situation, where they might have been in need of emergency cash. It could be to pay outstanding bills, purchase a dream house, car or medical bills. Applying for a loan can take up a lot of time that you might not have. In such situations, you can look out for payday loans.

Payday and Traditional Loans – The Difference

Payday is easy and simple when compared to traditional loans. When it comes to applying for payday loans, you can log onto money lender companies CaptainCash website and apply online or through phone. Traditional loans on the other hand, require you to stand in queue to get your application approved.

Other points of difference include:

  • Traditional loans take days for loans to get approved and cash to be transferred to your account
  • For payday loans, applications get approved instantly and the cash is deposited on the same day itself
  • Traditional loans require some kind of collateral from the candidate
  • No collateral of any sort is required for payday loans.
  • No credit history is required to be validated for payday loans
  • Extensions are possible in case of payday loans
  • Traditional loans offer big loans, whereas payday loans offer small cash

Interest Rates and Fees

The interest rates will differ from one company to another. This is the reason why you might need to research all your options carefully before applying for payday loans. If you are worried about the confidentiality of your information getting compromised, you need not have to worry.

Payday loan companies offer complete discretion on information of their customers. There are certain checkpoints that you might want to take into consideration when you apply for payday loans.

  • Check on the repayment terms
  • Will you be able to pay back the cash with your next salary?
  • Are you in a financial position to pay back the money?
  • Are you unemployed? If yes, then how soon can you return the money?

All these questions need to be thoroughly investigated before you apply for payday loans. If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘maybe or a no’, then you might want to look for other options to get a loan. If, for some reason you are unable to pay back the cash, you can get into some serious trouble with the company.


If you need cash on a short-term basis, then payday loans are one of the best alternatives for you. Use payday loans to complete your short term financial obligations.

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