Quick Tips on How to Increase Your Property Value

Whether you want to sell your house in the near future or not, you might want to consider increasing the value of your property. It will make you feel that you are living in your dream home and it also makes your property sellable. There are several ways to increase its value and here are some of them.


This is the fastest way to increase the value of your house. Regardless of if you just bought it or you have been living in it for years, you should consider remodelling it. Start with listing the things you want to change and the updates you think are necessary for it to look better. You can write down a pool, just consider the cost of having it. Once you have done that, you might want to discuss it with property consultants like Gerald Eve Property Co. They will be able to give you a clear view of the impact of such renovations to your property’s value.

Small Improvements work

If you don’t have enough funds for remodelling and renovation, why not start small? List down the upgrades that need to be done in your home such as taps, lighting and doors. Consider upgrading a few electric plugs. Furnish one upgrade per month and these small improvements will have a huge improvement in your house after a year.

Clean up your house

If your property is already on the market, a clean home will certainly attract buyers. By cleaning up your house regularly it can help you look for possible problems such as mould and other things requiring repairs. Plus, a clean house is healthier for your entire family.

Enhance kerb appeal

Step outside and look at your house. Does it look good from the outside? Would you want to go in and check this house out if it was for sale? If not, start painting your front yard. Take a photo of your house and set it in black and white. This will allow you to see the flaws and cracks that are not visible with paint.

Enhance the kitchen

The kitchen is your biggest selling point, so make sure that you maintain it really well. Change the colour of the interior. Try a new tile that will match your newly painted kitchen. Use stainless steel as it blends really well with your kitchen equipment.

Beautify your bathroom

Your bathroom tells a lot about you, that is why it is necessary to keep it clean and well maintained. Use granite for your countertops. Try wall mounted lights as these add warmth to your bathroom. Also, make sure that there is amirror in your bathroom too.

Upgrade or sell?

If you are caught between upgrading your current home or selling it, you have to first consider how much it will cost for the upgrade and the cost of moving, then verify if you have the funds for it. If you like your neighbourhood so much, then consider remodelling your house instead. By doing so, you have a bigger chance of getting your dream house.

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