Negotiate to arrive at correct price of used car

Buying a used car does carry a certain degree of risk but it has certain advantages too and can prove to be a smart decision which would be easy on your pocket. The first such advantage that comes to mind is the price of the car. The price of used Hyundai Verna car in Bangalore will definitely be much lower than a new Verna. Same is the case with insurance charges which are much lower for a used car.

Similarly you will not have to pay cleaning and shipping charges which the dealers of new cars are prone to add to the total cost of the car.

But remember that when buying a used car you must be sure that the car is road-worthy and that you have not been cheated and have indeed struck a fair deal. For this you must dwell on the following points.


 The factors to consider are your usage of the car, whether you can purchase it outright or you will have to go in for a loan and if so the instalment thereof, how long do you want to drive this particular car as many people buy an old car as a stop gap arrangement till they can afford a new one.

Proper documentation

Check whether all documents of the car like RTO tax receipts, insurance, car registration, finance NOC if applicable are proper and verify them.

Age of the car

The price of car generally declines as the car gets older, so make sure to verify the date of manufacture.


Bargain and negotiate with the seller. Used cars do not have any fixed or marked-up price. Every individual deal and the price arrived at for a particular car is different and is directly proportional to the negotiating skills of the buyer and the seller respectively.

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