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As it is known that credit cards are payment cards that issued by any responsible and authorize organization, bank, society or any other financial institution to make process of payment much easy, secure and transparent. Credit card is basically used for merchant payment or payments.  These cards provide interesting offers and rewards points to make using even more beneficial.    A Credit card is not quite the same as a charge card, where it requires the adjust to be reimbursed in full each month. In differentiate, Credit card permit the customers a proceeding with adjust of obligation, subject to enthusiasm being charged. A Visa additionally varies from a money card, which can be utilized like cash by the proprietor of the card. A Credit card varies from a charge card likewise in that a Credit card regularly includes an outsider element that pays the merchant and is repaid by the purchaser, while a charge card essentially concedes installment by the purchaser until a later date.

Cardholders will get cash back offers, promo codes, rewards points to make things even more interesting and shopping experience becomes much affordable. Some major bank such as SBI, ICICI bank, Standard Charted, American express, Yes Bank, RBL Bank, City Bank and several other banks provides credit cards facility to its customers.  Applykaroo provides facility to customers to check all terms & condition, eligibility, rewards points and all other requited information to make things clear for user.  Size of credit card is similar to debit or ATM card using procedure is quite similar to previous one.  The measure of most charge cards is 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm (3.370 in × 2.125 in) and adjusted corners with a span of 2.88–3.48 mm, fitting in with the ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 standard, an indistinguishable size from ATM cards and other installment cards, for example and checks cards.

Charge card have stamp of Bank card number agreement with standards of ISO/IEC 7812. It is important to know that prefix of card number is known as Bank identification number, is basically refers to sequence of digits specifies to name of particular bank. First six digits specify that whether card is master or visa category card. Next nine digits refer to customers account numbers and last digit belongs to validity check code.  Standard of these credit cards designed and maintained as per ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17/WG 1 policies. ISO/IEC 7813 standard refers to magnetic tape of that credit card.  To boost the security feature in credit card computer based chip being installed and brings much security and transparency. The credit card backer issues a credit to a client at the time or after a record has been affirmed by the credit supplier, which require not be an indistinguishable substance from the card guarantor. The cardholders can then utilize it to make buys at vendors tolerating that card. At the point when a buy is made, the cardholder consents to pay the card guarantor. The cardholder shows agree to pay by marking a receipt with a record of the card points of interest and demonstrating the add up to be paid or by entering an individual recognizable proof number (PIN). Additionally, numerous traders now acknowledge verbal approvals by means of phone and electronic approval utilizing the Internet, known as a card not present exchange (CNP).

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